Following up on JRC Google Voice training, Troy Record Digital Specialist Tom Caprood launched his first project asking readers to give opinions on of a new McDonald’s opening in Troy, NY. Although the topic wasn’t timely, Caprood “took a chance to see if readers still had something to say about the issue.

Caprood first posted a story explaining he wanted readers to share thoughts and provided a Google Voice number. Caprood received 10 responses. In addition to using Google Voice for the project, he used AP Images to gather stock images of McDonald’s locations and products.

Caprood said newsrooms “have to be prepared for the fact that you might not get responses … If something doesn’t work, rethink your approach and try again. Also, as Karen Workman (from The Oakland Press) pointed out during the training session on Google Voice, it’s best to try and pick a topic that either is controversial or that you feel people will respond emotionally to.”