Hello and welcome to “The Idea Machine” – where great ideas and success stories from across Digital First Media are shared. This idea was born when Digital First Media Editor-in-Chief Jim Brady was traveling to newsrooms in  the DFM family and one of the questions that’s consistently been asked is: “Can you give some examples of papers who are doing ‘Digital First’ right and can you pass on some specific examples?”

Brady said, “it’s a fair question, since it’s quite difficult for anyone to keep an eye on what all our sites are doing while, at the same time, keeping your sites fresh and getting your papers out. So I got to thinking — always a dangerous thing — and came up with the idea for a weekly e-mail that’ll list three successes, which will largely be described by the journalists involved in the project.”

Those weekly e-mails are also transcribed here, so across the company – and elsewhere – every staff member has access to great ideas and has the chance to replicate processes.

About Digital First Media

Digital First Media, a division of the Journal Register Company to be headquartered in New York City, is a newly-created Company formed to jointly manage Journal Register Company and MediaNews Group.

About Journal Register Company

Journal Register Company is a leader in local news and information in 10 states. The Company’s more than 350 multi-platform products reach an audience of 21 million people each month. For more information visit the company website at http://www.JournalRegister.com.

About MediaNews Group

MediaNews Group, Inc. (www.medianewsgroup.com) is the nation’s second largest newspaper company as measured by circulation, with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. MediaNews Group and its affiliated companies publish 57 daily newspapers and more than 100 non-daily publications in 11 states. In addition, MediaNews Group provides programming and operational services for a CBS affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska, and four radio stations in Texas licensed to Affiliated Media, Inc. FCC Trust. MediaNews maintains 187 Web sites.


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